Oil Change & Maintenance

oil change and maintenance

What is the most essential service you can have performed on your vehicle? If you said the oil change, you are correct. This service, more than any other, will keep your car running like new, and since it is recommended in most vehicles for between every 3,000 and 5,000 miles, it is the service you will have performed more often than any other. And when it comes time to have an oil change in Oak Ridge, TN, you have a lot of choices. Do you bring it to some quickie lube shop that might not know what they are doing? Or the dealership, where it will surely cost more? In Oak Ridge, TN, smart drivers know to trust the team at Car Fix Oak Ridge for all their oil change and preventative maintenance needs.

Oil Change Oak Ridge TN

As we said, the oil change in Oak Ridge, TN, is essential to keeping your car running right. This process, which involves completely draining and replacing your engine’s oil, and replacing it with a fresh batch of either conventional, semi-synthetic, or synthetic oil, depending on what your car’s manufacturer recommends. During this process, we will also replace your oil filter, which keeps debris and other contaminants from entering the oil in your engine. When that engine runs, it runs hot and fast, and oil is needed to keep the moving parts cool and lubricated. The engine will break down your oil over time and with use, so replacement is required on a regular basis.

When it comes time for your oil change in Oak Ridge, TN, trust the experts at Car Fix Oak Ridge to do the job right.

Preventative Maintenance Oak Ridge TN

At Car Fix Oak Ridge, we not only provide the best oil change in Oak Ridge, TN, but we are also proud to offer a full slate of other preventative maintenance services. Everything from your standard 30/60/90k milestone service to AC and brake services and everything in between. If you aren’t sure if your car is up to date on its maintenance services, check your owner’s manual. It will have a list of what services are needed and when, and we can help you get back up to date on these.

Oil Change Near Me

When you need an oil change in Oak Ridge, TN, or any other preventative maintenance service, the team at Car Fix Oak Ridge is here to help. Call us to make an appointment or simply swing on by and see what makes us the very best!

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